Best Picrew Avatar Maker The Complete Guide 2022

Best Picrew Avatar Maker

Are you bored of seeing people’s picrew avatar on social media and want to make your picrew avatar or want to upload your avatar on social media but do not know how to make a picrew avatar.

Let’s come, here is the complete process of making a picrew avatar most easily.

What is Picrew?

The website allows its users to make avatars of their own choice. You can change eyebrows, eye shape, colors, lips, or hairstyle of your own choice.

The user can easily make picrew avatar. this website guide the user about any part. You can make your avatar without any problem. Firstly, you’ve to select any preset of your choice and then make changes to it. It provides the feature of choosing the color of any choice and then you can start it.

What is Avatar?

The virtual representation of anything like a person or food that represents real life is an avatar. Making  Avatar is on trend nowadays.

You can change anything about the avatar like colors, hairstyles, and clothes.  A lot of people make avatars and sell them for a handsome amount. 

Trend Of Picrew Avatar:

People who use Tiktok can make trending videos to get famous. Making Picrew is also on trend nowadays.

 So, everyone makes picrew avatar to become a TikTok star by making trending videos.

How To Make A Picrew Account?

Before making a picrew avatar, you’ve to make a picrew account. You can create an account of picrew easily. The process of creating an account is mentioned here:

  • Put the cursor on the signup button.
  • Write the first and last name
  • Fill the boxes that are related to your personal information

And your account in picrew is created.

Methods to use the picrew avatar maker:

There are a lot of picrew makers that make different picrews of different styles. These makers are very helpful for specifying the type of picrews.

The method to use the picrew maker is very easy.

Open the website, change the language, and select the picrew maker.

How To Make Picrew Avatar:

The easiest ways to make Picrew Avatar are mentioned below:

  • Firstly go to GOOGLE, and search
  • Open the website and change the language of the website.
  • After loading you see that many avatars, their colors, and their different features appear there. You’ve to scroll down or right to see all the features.
  • When you complete it, click on the complete button. 
  • After loading, you can download the avatar.

Where can you use avatars?

There are a lot of uses for avatars. You can use avatars in many places.


When you develop your website or started your business, you need a logo to represent your identity. You can make an avatar and use it as a logo.

Social Media Platforms:

You can use avatars on your social media platforms in place of your profile photo. You can make a video of avatars and upload it on TikTok or Instagram to get famous on social media.


You can use avatars in your online games. Some games give the facility to you your avatar that represents your identity.

How To Make Avatar on Mobile?

The process of making an avatar on mobile is the same as that on a laptop. The interface of this website is responsive. Therefore, you can use this website on mobile also. On mobile, simply you can go to the website and start making your avatar.

How to upload Picrew avatars in Tiktok?

Want to be famous on TikTok by making trending videos like your friends?

Yes, you can make a picrew avatar trending video to famous on TikTok. The process of uploading a video is mentioned here:

  • Firstly, make an avatar of your own choice on the picrew website and download it from the website.
  • Start using TikTok 
  • Select the avatar and start recording
  • After recording, add music or any other effect if you want to add and post it.
How to Make a Picrew Doll Maker?

The doll can also be made in the picrew. You can search on the bar about dolls or find dolls of your choice and changes everything if you want and the doll is created.

Advantages Of Picrew Avatar

As picrew avatars are on trend, they have many benefits, some people already know about them but some people are unaware of an avatar. Here is a list of advantages of the picrew avatar:

  • You can make money by selling your avatar
  • There is no cost to make an avatar.
  • The interface of this  website is user-friendly
  • You can make an avatar according to your personality and upload your profile picture
  • It is available all the time.
  • You can create an avatar on mobile also
  •  Is it easy to make an avatar in picrew?

               Yes, it is easy to make an avatar in picrew.To show different styles, picrew use icons instead of textual form. For example, a hair icon is used in features of different hairstyles.

  • Is the language of picrew can be changed?

Yes, you can easily change the language

of picrew. There is an option of changing can select the English language.

  • Is avatar can be made on iPhone?

Yes, you can make an avatar on your iPhone. The process is the same as making the avatar on a mobile phone or laptop.


In this modern age, Picrew Avatar is trending. Everyone creates an avatar and uploads profile pictures or uploads TikTok to get famous. Every type of avatar can be created in Picrew.

You’ve not required any experience to use. You can also check on youtube how to make an avatar in picrew. A lot of videos are available in picrew avatar.

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