Best KickAss Torrents (KAT) Sites in October 2022

Kickass Torrent 2022

Kickass torrent was the best and top website to transfer files but it is taken by the US Government because the owner of this website permits the visitors to download the copyright content without any cost.

As it fulfills all the requirements of the visitors, a lot of people visit this website per day, That’s why it become the most famous torrent website. 

After being taken by the government, many people develop new torrent websites for visitors but there are some restrictions to using these torrents website.

Tricks to Use Torrents Websites Safely:

When any user uses the torrent website, the IP address was detected and maybe he will be caught and arrested by the government. A lot of issues are on the website of torrents. 

Some malware software is uploaded on these websites which are harmful and downloaded with the content that you download from the websites and can destroy your PC files. Always use a PC for sharing or downloading any file. Here are a few tricks to using torrents website safely:

  • Before using the torrents website, connect to the best VPN.
  • While using a VPN, your PC will be remained safe from malware software.
  • Download any account after creating an account

Advantages Of Using VPNs:

As we know torrent websites are full of risks, so it is better to use these risky websites with a VPN.

 It can prevent you and your PC from the following issues:

  • Secure Your Privacy: 

The virus that may be attached to the content that you want to download from the websites can infect your PC and may be deleted all the files. So, must be sure of the use of a VPN.

  • Keep Away from legal authorities:

Government can detect the IP address of the users who download copyright content so maybe they can arrest you or some in another way. So, to prevent these types of issues, VPN is necessary.

Top Most VPNs:

A lot of VPNs are available in the market, but some of these are effective which are listed here:

Express VPN:

As the speed of torrent websites is slow because a lot of users use this website at the same time this VPN is best for this issue.

 It has the fastest speed and makes your downloading faster. 

Nord VPN:

Nord VPN is also the best VPN. Mostly, people use this VPN because of its fastest speed.


A few people use this VPN while using torrents website as it works as an AD blocker but it has some drawbacks so it is not used by everyone.

Creation of account in torrent website:

Before using torrent websites, creating an account is required because you can’t use a website without making an account. 

  • As we know, torrents website are not secure so it is essential to use VPN before using a website.
  • Bring the arrow on the register, the new web opens, and start entering your data.
  • After entering data you will get the verification process. In this process you get the verification code and write on the web account will be created.
  • Go to the main page and sign in using a Gmail or password and then you can download any content from the websites.
What is Kickass Torrent Proxy?

In most countries, torrent websites are blocked. So, the kickass proxy is used to get access to these websites. 

By using a kickass torrent proxy, your location will be changed. Your IP address will not show your exact location and you can download any content easily.

Working of Torrent Proxy:

Torrent proxy works as a medium between the user or torrent website. The website will not detect the IP  address of the user because the torrent proxy changes the location.

KickassTorrents Proxy and Mirror

Best Alternatives of Kickass Torrent:

When this website is blocked, there are many alternatives to kickass torrents which are used to share files or download any file. 

Here is a list of alternatives: 

The topmost website after the kickass torrent is used to share a huge volume of files. There are a lot of visitors to this website in a day. 

It is not as famous as The Pirate Bay but there are a lot of visitors because this website contains entertainment content.

 Every type of entertaining movie and video is available on this website.

This alternative has a great speed but has not become the top most because old contents are not available here. 

Some visitors are in search of old videos, and movies, and they can’t get from this website and look towards another website. 

Another drawback of this website is there are a lot of ads that can irritate.

  1. TorLock:

As it is an official website –  gives the feature to download high-quality files. You can also search for content from this website of your own choice.

  1. iDope:

As it is a new website so it gives more features to its visitors. It does not track the IP address of the visitors so visitors have not need to use a VPN but to keep safe from malware software you can use VPN.


A lot of alternatives are available in the market, it is also one of them. With this alternative, you can download large library files.

This website proves beneficial when you’ve to download a large volume of files.

Returning of First Kickass Torrent Website:

Many people are still waiting for the first torrent website as they are addicted to this website but nobody knows when this website will return as the domain of this website is taken by the US government.

 Alternatives of torrent websites are also available but kickass torrent is the first website so it is the most popular website.

Torrenting is legal or not?

While torrenting, a question arises whether the torrenting is legal or illegal.

It depends on the action that how you use the website. If you download the copyright data from the torrent website then it will be legal because the copyright owner has the right to take legal action against you.

If you download or share copyrighted free data then it is completely legal to work. You can use torrents website by using copyright-free content.

Method To Download Torrent Files:

The method of downloading torrent files is very easy. Open the torrent website and click on the download button and the download will start. The process of downloading is shown in the torrent client

There are different torrent clients for different devices which are mentioned here:

  1. Torrent Client for Windows PC
  2. Torrent client for MAC
  3. Torrent client for IOS
  4. Torrent client for Android Devices

  Most Famous Torrent Clients 2022

                          Here’s a discussion of the most famous  torrents clients:

  • uTorrent:

         It is the most famous torrent client. It is also called the alternative to BitTorrent.

The interface of the uTorrent is the same as BitTorrent.

  • BitTorrent:

One of the best torrent clients used by hundreds of people. After its updates, many new features attract the attention of the people.

  • Web Torrent:

It is the simplest type of torrent client. If you want to download any low-volume content then a web torrent is best.

  • Transmission:

This torrent client is used for “mac”. The interface of this torrent client is easy to use.

Ways to unblock  torrent websites:

             Except for kickass proxy, there are other ways to unblock torrent websites which are mentioned here:

  • By Using VPN:

VPN is the best way to unblock torrent websites. While using VPN, the website doesn’t detect the IP address of your PC.

  • By using the TOR browser:

Unblocking torrent websites is the safest method. Through the TOR browser, your IP address will remain safe from the website and it will not be detected.

Private Sites Of Kickass Torrent:

                 There is a limitation in private sites, as they aren’t working as alternatives. The visitors don’t get library files from these websites.

Some private sites are available in the market through which you can get content legally.

  • What are kickass torrents (KAT)? 

It is a website that can allow its visitors to share or download any type of content from the website.

  • What happened to Kickass Torrent?

The owner of this website allows its users to download the copyright data without any cost so the US Government blocked this website. 

The government didn’t allow to use of the content without any content.

  1. Is Kickass Torrent still available?

No, it is not available now yet a lot of alternatives are available that work as it is.

  1. Is an account necessary to use the website?

Yes, the account is necessary because without registering on the website you are not able to download or share any file.

  • What is Magnet Link?

A magnet link is a type of hyperlink that is used to download any content from a torrent website. When clicking on the magnet file, the downloading starts.

  • How can you remain safe while using the torrent website?

If you want to remain safe while using the website. You’ve to connect with a VPN. VPN is kept safe from any malware software

  • What is Torrent Client?

Torrent Client is the software that is used to download large volumes of data from the internet.


A lot of people are in search of any platform through which they can transfer or download large volume files, kickass torrent is the best platform through which you can download or share files but it is blocked by the government. 

After it, alternatives are also available in the market which is also beneficial.

Some important tricks must be kept in mind to use the torrent website. Always use VPN to download any file. If you want to use any torrent website, use the best VPN.

It depends on your action whether torrenting is legal or illegal

If you want to enhance your knowledge about kickass torrent read out the earlier article.

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